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Our mission is to give the Asian clients a chance to experience a trusted program and a long term profit to invest at minimal risk. Our team of full-time financial experts guarantee effective and rapid analysis of the current financial situation. We are backed with self-made successful people in online investment program. Now it's their turn to share their great success to every ordinary people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financial experts. The goal of our investment fund is to ensure regular income for Asian investors with a reasonable profit and worry-free investment company.

Ref Bonus: 5%->3%->2%->1%  


In line of our program to help and guide more people to invest in a worry-free program. We are opening our door for country representatives, if you think you are qualified, please don't hesitate to contact us.


1. At least $50.00 active deposit on our program to determine your sincerity in spreading our mission.
2. Responsible enough in promoting our program, we do not like too much hype. Just simply tell the truth, no more no less.
3. Active in promoting our program.


1. Additional 5% weekly bonus on all accumulated deposits from your referred clients every Saturday Night (Asian Time) starting on January 7, 2017. Representatives will receive a total of 10% on all direct referred client as referral bonus.
2. Additional 5% Bonus will be credited automatically to your account every week.

If you wish to apply, send an email to us with the following format.

Facebook Profile Link:

And send to admin@asianbtcfunds.com (Subject: Apply as Representative)

Thank you.
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Help us grow and we will continue to help each other.

Our vision is to become a major and trusted online investment program in Asia.