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Our mission is to give the Asian clients a chance to experience a trusted program and a long term profit to invest at minimal risk. Our team of full-time financial experts guarantee effective and rapid analysis of the current financial situation. We are backed with self-made successful people in online investment program. Now it's their turn to share their great success to every ordinary people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financial experts. The goal of our investment fund is to ensure regular income for Asian investors with a reasonable profit and worry-free investment company.

Ref Bonus: 5%->3%->2%->1%  


More Security Features

Today we have updated our scripts and add some security features. When you edit your profile, a confirmation code is needed that is why you need to enter your valid email address since the code will be sent to you before the final changes of your account.

Please make sure your password is difficult to guess.

Have a safe and secure investment with us.

Jan-1-2017 05:50:49 AM
Bitcoin Payout is now back to normal (Automatic/Instant Withdrawal)
As what we have promised to you, BITCOIN withdrawal is now instant. We make our every effort to lessen the hassle of our clients, we don't like you to wait or any delays. As an investors, if delayed payouts will cause panic that is why we fixed everything to avoid those errors.


Thank you also for our hardworking I.T guys for your relentless support and effort.

Happy Holidays and Enjoy the Fast Rising value of BITCOIN. $1,000 = 1BTC is now on the horizon.

-Admin/Support Team
Dec-28-2016 03:38:09 AM
Payout request pending for a moment
Don't panic, as part of our improvement of our platform we never stop on improving to make it safe and worry-free in the long term. Our I.T team is now working on their ass to fixed the issue, but rest assured all of your deposits are intact and you can withdraw anytime once they restore the system. The withdrawal request will be released not more than 5 hours after you request and we do it manually for the mean time. All of the withdrawal request will be released as soon as possible. We need your understanding and patience.

We are updating our program scripts so that everyone will be happy in the long run. We promise to deliver and we are here to have a long term program. Automatic withdrawal will also resume soon once the I.T. guys are done on the major updates.

Note: The affected withdrawals only for BITCOIN account, for PAYEER and PERFECT MONEY it's working just fine, you can withdraw and it's automatic.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. This is just a temporary issue.

We will issue an official statement once it's back to normal operation.
Dec-27-2016 10:42:55 AM
We have just updated our system
Our system is now faster than before, our team will never stop on improving our platform to satisfy our valued clients. Being an owner and investor we love to be quick as possible and error-free if also possible that is why we applied it on our program.

Being an owner and an investor too is a great help to understand the feelings of our clients. We are near to perfection.
Dec-27-2016 10:06:12 AM
Perfect Money Verified
Our Perfect Money account now is VERIFIED and we are happy to announce it. Our Perfect Money investors will confidently do business with us. Getting a verified status on PM is another great achievement for our program. Some investors the Verified status will matter. Do business with us, real business and real people.
Dec-14-2016 07:15:34 PM
Perfect Money Payment Processor
Our Perfect Money account is now waiting for verification but still you can make deposits and withdrawals without any delays..

For now we are accepting the most common payment processors Bitcoin, Payeer and Perfect Money.
Dec-8-2016 07:18:05 PM
Asian Bitcoin Funds Officially Launched
We are excited to announce that we are now officially open to the public. Please stay tune for more updates and development of our website to serve you better. It is our dream to launch a decent investment program to give hope on those people who repeatedly become a victim of deceivers. After a thorough studies and discussion among with the team, we come up with our super stable plans.

We hope that we can also work with serious investors. We will do our very best to serve you and we will promise you to have a very smooth transactions with us.
Dec-8-2016 06:35:09 AM